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January 29, 2011

The Affiliate Gym: Updates, Commenting On This Blog

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Hello My Fellow Affiliate Marketers,

Thank you for your interest in The Affiliate Gym and becoming interested in Affiliate Marketing or looking for extra helpful tips on becoming a more productive affiliate marketer.

Over the course of last year we had changes in our plans for this blog and how to provide the best information to you and as well as how we desire to help you help yourself by not only learning, but really applying what you learn at the same time.

The importance to my goal with and this particular  blog has taken me longer then needed to apply here because of my different projects.

So look out over this weekend we will begin delivering some helpful blog content, articles, tips, techniques and strategies as well as providing products relating to affiliate marketing but not only is that being said here. The plan that we would like to get done here is to provide helpful resources to you, by becoming more of a productive affiliate marketer.

What is a Productive Affiliate Marketer?

Well “Productive Affiliate Marketer” is a person who invests not only money but time, energy, as well as taking advantage of technology to help them to get ahead. But in order for you to do that you must first make a plan for what you are looking to get out of your affiliate marketing career, but also to follow some proven strategies and not limit yourself only because you do not have the tools yet to help you achieve your goals.

If you are willing to Work Smarter Not Harder by following a system as well be willing to commit some time in both learning while you commit to earning, but they must work together if you desire to really get the most from your affiliate career.


Now we will still be putting a few things together at the moment but you will not be disappointed in what you learn here, you will learn both the  Affiliate Marketing Basics as well as the Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies. You will also learn how to apply Internet Marketing Strategies to your Affiliate career.


Commenting On This Blog Rules:

Please post your domain name only in where you sign up to join the blog, if you have a helpful piece of information please gone head and write a comment and we will review it if we find it to be helpful, then we will approve it to post to our blog.

But please keep in mind I personally do not like spammers nor people looking to post their domain names in there post’s to have people go to their websites or blogs, please be respectful I am personally here to help you get ahead but I also will provide tips on writing blog comments as well.

It’s very important to me that not only do we make this a very interactive blog but more of a good community of both newbie affiliate marketers and veteran affiliate marketers.


Joint Venture Partnerships, Guest Contributors, Master Mind Alliances

For those of you who have been around affiliate marketing for a little while and you are interested in being a guest contributor please feel free to post here and we will get in contact with you. I do plan to provide quite a bit of content here and as well provide resources related to both affiliate marketing and also how to apply internet marketing strategies to your career.

If you are also very serious we will also be setting up a few things but it will require a commitment from you in a few things related to these which is to invest in your affiliate marketing education, now the key components to this is Time, Energy, Money, Commitment To Take ACTION.

If you are not willing to invest in your education no matter how you will go about it, you will need a little of each of those components but mostly the ability to take action is key. But do not limit yourself to believe that you will need a lot of money because that will not be the case here.

Please be patient I have received quite a few responses and some I have replied to, to those of you I have not my assistant will get back to you shortly.

We will post some excellent resources, content, plus a magnitude of things I look forward to seeing you succeed and as well as make a difference in your Affiliate Marketing Career, as I will will be your Coach here at  TAG.

Thank you for your time in reading this post, you will see some updates and changes over this weekend.

To Your Success,

Julio Mattos



September 21, 2009

The Affiliate Gym: Basics of Affiliate Marketing

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We will soon provide content all about Learning The Basics of Affiliate Marketing.

Our Hope will be to provide you with tools necessary to help you improve your affiliate marketing skillset.

Working Smarter Not Harder As An Affiliate Marketer, your job is to help Promote Other People’s Products and Services by having them click on your affiliate link.

You will learn the basics of affiliate marketing and some Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies.

We are still working on the training and strategies to apply here for this blog and for your self improvement skillset of an Affiliate Marketer.

Please come back later, you will not be sorry for coming here to get your affiliate marketing education.

Have a great day.

To Your Success,

Julio Mattos

Affiliate Marketing Coach
The Affiliate Gym

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